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CERTIFICATION of the management system


The CRIBIS Prime Company award is the highest level of evaluation of the commercial reliability of an organization and is issued only and exclusively to companies that consistently maintain a high economic reliability-and are virtuous in payments to suppliers.

The payment experience is built by analyzing the history of all business transactions (invoices, payments, unpaid, etc….) between a customer company and its supplier over the past 12 months through monthly updated information.

Corporate Policies

Quality Policy

The management of the PARPAS GROUP is committed to pursuing a policy that places the customer at the center of its activities and the definition of an organization based on risk-based thinking.

For this purpose, the company aims to ensure competence, continuity, diligence, quality and adequate level of its performance in compliance with professional ethics and with a view to ensuring over time the improvement of customer satisfaction. In particular, internal customer satisfaction is pursued through moments of verification and updating on issues related to the services offered.

The adopted quality system foresees the identification of the contexts through the relative analysis of the processes identifying risks and opportunities. The same results in opportunities to pursue continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. The company know-how allows to support the achievement of the objectives and the expected performance of the companies PARPAS and OMV.

It is the will of the Management:

  • Consolidate and Implement the quality standards of professional services offered through a constant control in all stages of their implementation and in compliance with current regulations improving the image and credibility on the market.
    To provide Collaborators with the necessary teaching to enable them to carry out the tasks assigned to them with awareness and to improve their performance to better meet the needs of customers. For this purpose, continuous training and information support is guaranteed and the identification of a precise and coherent Training and Updating Plan aimed at effective growth.
    To ensure that Collaborators are aware of and comply with the obligations of professional secrecy and confidentiality, which they are also required to observe, as well as explicit and implicit contractual commitments.
    Pay more and more attention to the needs of the customer ensuring continuous assistance, diligence, willingness to listen and timeliness in the resolution of any problem taking care of communication with the customer.
    Ensure fairness in the determination of remuneration as a guarantee of the quality of the service and professional decorum.
    Ensure that, in the exercise of the profession, the collaboration of other colleagues and/ or professionals, the ability of the latter to ensure quality, reliability, competence, responsibility.
    Ensure continuous improvement through strategic choices such as:
    – Compliance with current legislation and development of new technologies
    – Industry 4.0
    – High professionalism of performance
    – Confidentiality and protection of privacy
    – Internationalisation of the product