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About us


We think to the future to have already effective responses to customer requirements.


GRUPPO PARPAS is a global technology leader in the production of high-precision machine tools for milling, turning, boring and grinding  metal and composite parts. The wide product range offers highly reliable and accurate solutions of small, medium and large sizes. GRUPPO PARPAS has 3 production sites in Italy and 3 international branches: 

PARPAS Spa plant: Parpas headquarter (design, production, assembly and reaserch & developement) of medium-large machine tools, gantry and multitasking milling centers. 

OMV Officine Meccaniche Venete Spa plant: OMV headquarter (design, production, assembly and reaserch & developement) of small and medium-sized machine tools (including fixed portals with fixed and/or mobile table, machining centers for blisks and blades) and medium-large moving columns / boring machines.

3° Plant: Site for the assembly of flexible production systems and/or large machine tools.


Years of history GRUPPO PARPAS


Machines designed and installed to offer the maximum to our customers


Reliability, professionalism and credibility in the market


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